Girl In The Box

Girl In The Box

At last Gay Courter is launching a series!

A bestselling novelist for decades, Gay Courter’s debut psychological thriller will forever change the way you experience cruise ships from the passenger’s point of view. Crossing from the fantasy world of the plush carpeting and impeccable service to the stained linoleum and crammed crew area, you’ll be fascinated by the exhausting life of officers and staff—where passions reign and secrets are kept.

Like a story ripped from the headlines when someone disappears on a cruise, people go missing on ships, bodies “fall” overboard, and the best laid plans go awry, and the whole lavishness of the artificial world comes crashing down.

The Girl in the Box marries the sumptuousness of a dream vacation with the horrors that lurk around the bend. Courter’s attention to detail has the reader rocking along with the waves and smelling the pungent salt air as Dale Lane—her fictional bestselling writer turns sleuth to find who murdered Tatiana—the young and vulnerable contortionist. This smart, taut thriller has everything: a loveable heroine with a tragic past, a searing view of unbridled lust, a complicated woman whose life has been manipulated since birth, perplexing forensic clues, and an urgency to find the killer before the ship reaches land.

As Courter weaves together the true and the imagined, we share the breathtaking anxieties of a potential killer on the loose.

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