Flowers In The Blood

Flowers In The Blood

Beautiful Dinah Sassoon, daughter of an affluent opium trader and pillar of Calcutta’s tight-knit Jewish community, sees her privileged future destroyed when her mother is mysteriously murdered. This tragic event leaves Dinah dishonored and virtually unmarriageable…until Edwin Salem, offering unconditional love, sparks her indomitable spirit and passionate ambition.

“A novel of Jews in India…Compelling, informative, absorbing.” — The New York Times

“Gripping…Creates a mesmerizing realty, subtly etched with historical detail.” — Booklist

“Exhilarating…Suspenseful” — Kirkus Reviews

“A fascinating tale…meticulously researched…delves deeply into the history of the Jewish people in India.” — Cleveland Plain Dealer

Worldwide Bestseller! Available in English and Spanish

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