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Their marriages were strained.  Their lives were in chaos. 

Then they went online in a desperate search for answers—and found a sisterhood of survivors called The Midlife Wives Club…



by Gay Courter


Pat Gaudette

Founder of


“We are never so defenseless against suffering as when we love, never so helplessly unhappy as when we have lost our love object or its love.”

--Sigmund Freud, written in 1930, age 74




You’ve heard all the jokes about men’s midlife crises—the new sports car, the new exercise regime…and the new girlfriend.  But when you’re the wife trying to cope, it’s no laughing matter.  All relationships have their difficult times, but when a previously sensible man morphs into an angry stranger, and you’ve twisted yourself inside out in an attempt to please him, maybe it’s time to stop trying to change yourself and focus on the real cause of his conduct.


HOW TO SURVIVE YOUR HUSBAND’S MIDLIFE CRISIS (Perigee Trade Paperback; May 2003; $13.95) by Gay Courter and Pat Gaudette, is an encouraging book that contains strategies and stories that help women stay sane when their husbands lose their minds.  A midlife crisis can devour a relationship, but this supportive book, which includes the latest research and controversies on male midlife crisis, gives women advice from both midlife wives and experts on:



With personal stories from real women (and men), a list of resources, and a heartening sense of humor, HOW TO SURVIVE YOUR HUSBAND’S MIDLIFE CRISIS can help smooth out the rough spots and turn a tumultuous time into a change for the better.




Pat Gaudette is the founder and Webmaster of the Friends & Lovers website ( as well as the popular Midlife Wives Club website ( which receives more than 50,000 hits a month.  This extremely popular site is a supportive online sisterhood for midlife mates—a place to vent some steam, share advice, or just get a reminder that they’re not alone.

Gay Courter is the author of five bestselling novels including The Midwife, and two works of nonfiction, including I Speak for This Child.



by Gay Courter and Pat Gaudette

Perigee Trade Paperback; May 6, 2003; $13.95; 0-399-52882-2


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